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Yellow Belt Success

In the very demanding and constantly changing times we live in today, especially for our young people, it is very gratifying to see them progress and advance in their Kenpo training.

This young man is tremendously focused and determined. He will take upon himself any challenge and work diligently and relentlessly until successful.

I am very proud to announce that Cavan Kenpo Karate Academy- Ballyjamesduff Club, has now promoted this fine young man to the rank of Dragon Yellow Belt!. Congratulations Charlie.

Charlie now moves up to the Coloured Belts class and will continue his journey with his other ranked club mates. Welcome to your new class. I look forward to teaching you new and exciting material which will lead you to greater obligations and responsibilities, which I have no doubt you will face head on.

CONGRATULATIONS again Charlie, enjoy your success as well as your plans.

You are awesome!

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1 Comment

Nora Walsh
Nora Walsh
Dec 02, 2021

Well done boys fantastic achievement at such a young age👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂 Charlie's Nana Walsh xx

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