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European Kenpo Karate Camp 2024

Our students have written of their experience at the 2024 European Kenpo Karate Camp held at the Mount Wolseley Hotel in Carlow.

Compiled and presented by Nierjelle Tadeo.

"I really enjoyed going down and experiencing the camp this year. The variety of different classes was great. Mr. Porem’s class was new and fun since we got to use weapons I had never even seen before. It was challenging and hard to get used to but made a lasting impression on me. In Mr. Crehan’s I was finally able to experience the famous “gauntlet” Mr. Watters would always tell us stories about. I thought it was so exhilarating and had my heart racing. I also made long-lasting friendships at the camp I’ll treasure forever. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be back next year."


" The camp was an excellent opportunity for me to immerse myself in Kenpo Karate and to learn from highly knowledgeable instructors and professors in the arts from all over Europe and the USA. All Professors had something different to give, providing me with new perspectives of the art and areas to work on to further enhance my skills. My favourite classes were of with: Mr. Mahony, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Cenderelli. Although I did attend all my classes assigned for my rank I would definitely recommend going to the open classes after them. The camp allows you to see those in the system above you making it very motivating. The camp was also a place where I made new friendships with those from different places as well as becoming closer to those in the Cavan club. Friends certainly played a huge component in my experience and I made many lasting memories."


" The karate camp this year was so much fun!! There were tons of people there and I got to meet new people. Seeing how different the instructors teach was very interesting and made me want to learn even more. The instructors I got to work with were really nice. I had the most fun with my club though. We all got to know each other more and I hope to come back again next year with them."


" We left for camp really early on Saturday morning. I liked all the classes but especially the jumping and tumbling in Mr Christian Lemaire’s class. I really liked Dave Thompsons class too and he even got in a photo with me! The sumo suits were really fun in Derek Newsome’s class too and I was even able to knock him over!! But Sensei’s class was the best!! We even got room service in our hotel room!!"


" I’ve really liked kenpo camp this year. All classes were very interesting and funny. I’ve met new instructor- Sean Crehan…he is really awesome. Especially I was waiting for the classes with Dave Thompson and Derek Newsome and Keith Page. Their classes were so fun, we were training hard and having fun at the same time. And of course, our Mícheal Watters, his class was short but totally different from others. All children enjoyed his teaching."


" I’ve had so much fun in this year’s camp. One of my favourite instructors was Sean Crehan. I really enjoyed his class because I liked getting to partner up with new people and get some physical contact with them. I also found the exercise at the end really fun and interesting. One more thing I found very interesting was the additional class with Chris Cenderelli. He showed us how to get out of a hostage situation. It was really fun to do the class with my friends. I was not just learning but also meeting new friends. I can’t wait for next year’s camp."


" The camp was a great experience for a few reasons such as meeting new people, experiencing different teaching styles and the craic. My favourite teacher was Richard Burgess because he taught different holds and restraints and it was a very new experience for me and he was also great to have a laugh with. I enjoyed Chris Cenderelli’s seminar on knife defense because it was very different to anything else at the camp and I’ve never seen anything like it before, I definitely won’t forget it in a hurry. The camp was great for bringing me out of my shell and I feel more confident because of it."


" He really enjoyed the weekend. Loved the different teachers showing him new moves and meeting new people. He liked all the teachers he had but enjoyed Mr Watters and Mr Donadio classes the most. He is also looking forward for next years Kenpo camp."


" I thought the camp was amazing. All of my classes were amazing and I learned a lot. The self-defense classes were really good, my favourite class was the knife self-defense class. It was really cool because a lot of the greatest MMA, Karate, and Kung-fu champion black belts were there."


" The camp this weekend was a brilliant opportunity and I am so thankful that I got to experience this. We got to learn new skills and see how the techniques we already had could be improved and applied in the real world. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone there was so nice. I hope we’ll get to go next year."


" It was very educational and fun. Mrs. White was my favourite teacher. I loved learning about the sticks and knives. I wasn't there for long but I loved the women's self defense class. I didn't meet many people but I had a great time. I will be coming back next year for sure."


" It was great. My favourite teacher was Mr. Burgess, I liked the wristlocks he taught us. I liked the swimming pool. It was great fun. You learn a lot of new stuff in there. I bonded a lot with the team. I'll definitely come back next year."


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