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What a way to end Term 1!

I am very pleased to announce the promotions of 26 of our students in term 1. What a fantastic way to end an extraordinary year and a tremendously successful term.

We had 12 Beginners promoted to Advanced White Belts.

We had 11 Advanced White Belts promoted to Yellow Belts.

We had 2 Yellow Belts promoted to Orange Belts.

And we had 1 student advance to Junior Brown Belt, what a marvellous achievement for this fine young man.

It takes alot of dedication and practice to be able to remember and preform all of their material. I am tremendously proud of all of your children's repetitious practice. Your children show a good understanding of principles of motion, by their movement and by their intellectual answers!

I am excited for Term 2 and what it has in store for us all. I am very grateful you allow me to work with your children, it truly is my privilege and I am honoured. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and wish you and your families a very Happy, Peaceful & Restful Christmas together. I look forward to seeing again in the New Year and moving forward together toward a common goal.

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Thank u micheal for all your hard work with the kids over the last while. So delighted to see them all moving up and working there way through the belts. None of it would be possible without your guidance. Happy Xmas to u and yours 😁

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