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On Saturday 10th of April 2021, during a Global Pandemic, Cavan Kenpo Karate Academy promoted 3 children to Dragon Orange Belts.

The Test was conducted on Zoom. We had some technical problems which we eventually overcame. The Graduations and Belt Ceremonies were conducted in their gardens while maintaining Social Distancing. Banners were made, students were happy and I am extremely proud of these fine young students.

We had an unexpected guest at one of the Belt Ceremonies. A young friendly lamb joined us. She is so soft and cuddly, 🐑.

These amazing students have continued their studies and their training during what seems to be endless lockdowns. They have risen to the challenges I have set for then, practiced their material relentlessly, overcome the challenges presented by online learning and have improved their knowledge and skills. They did a terrific test and have now been rewarded for their efforts. CONGRATULATIONS

"The man on top of the mountain didn't just fall there."- Vince Lombardi.

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