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A Very Successful Week At CKKA

Last week proved to be very memorable week at our Academy. In our Ballyjamesduff and Virginia Clubs we had graduations and promotions. A number of students passed their first Kenpo Test. The tests were run over two weeks and the students displayed their new Kenpo knowledge to a high degree.

In our Ballyjamesduff Club, 5 new advanced White Belts.

In our Virginia Club, 11 new advanced White Belts.

A marvelous demonstration of a Forward Bow from young Jack.

In our Virginia Club we also promoted a new Dragon Orange Belt. Training throughout the lockdowns using Zoom classes his reward is all the sweeter.

Well do Addomas.

In a recent promotion a young man who is tremendously dedicated, who worked tirelessly through out the pandemic, attending weekly Zoom classes, practicing in his back garden to keep his skills up, and who is a brilliant help to me in the junior classes, advanced to Dragon Green Belt. Gracijus I am am proud of you, a future leader.


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