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SOSAD Donation.

Happy Christmas to you all. It has been a very difficult year. I am currently conducting Zoom classes. It is great to see you again and to be teaching again, thank you for your loyalty and dedication.

As a result of our closure in Virginia all furniture from reception, front office and my office, all toys and all fundraising items were donated and donations were collected for SOSAD Cavan: we raised €560! Many thanks and gratitude to all who donated.

I had the opportunity to teach a few classes during these difficult times. After expences it came to €412.26. I am adding this to the SOSAD donation as I was in receipt of the government Covid payment. I have rounded it up to make a donation of €1000 to SOSAD Cavan on behalf of the club.

For now I would like to wish you all a peaceful, blessed, healthy and safe Christmas, and a better new year.

Look forward to 2021 with hope and ambition. Keep an eye on our website or mobile app for updates... or download the Wix app and use code "WMZI94" to join, or join from the website.

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