Mr. Watters has lived, with his wife Christine and four fantastic children (all active martial artists), in the Virginia area since 2001. He started his family in Boston and lived there for over eight years, working as a fitness professional and operating The Three Lions Karate School. Mr. Watters was introduced to Kenpo Karate while living in The Cayman Islands, where he continued to develop his career in fitness and sport which was  started in Dublin as a young teenager. 

  • An active Kenpo student. 

  • Holds a Third Degree Black Belt under Master Eddie Downey.

  • Has been an active competitor and competed across The United States and Europe with American and European Titles.

  • Holds many fitness qualifications, among them Swimming Teacher, Aerobics, Water Aerobics, Step Reebok & S.A.Q Instructor.

  • Has been a marathon runner, a tri-athlete, and a Scuba diver.

  • Has been teaching Kenpo Karate to local children, teenagers and adults since 2005.

  • Has been teaching at the prestigious European Kenpo Camp for the past number of years.

Mr. Watters began his Martial Arts journey, while at college in Dundalk (mid 80's), studying the Japanese style of Wado Ryu Karate. After moving to Dublin Mr. Watters found more satisfaction in the Chinese style of Lung Ying Kung Fu (late 80's). After immigrating to The Cayman Islands and being introduced to American Kenpo Karate, Mr. Watters found his destiny. Having had the opportunity to study with many of the hierarchy of the Kenpo System, Master Eddie Downey now mentors Mr. Watters on a weekly basis on his journey through KENPO KARATE.


Mr. Watters tested for his:

  • 1st Degree  Black Belt, under Master Manny Rayes (Florida USA) and Master Tony Cogliandro (Boston USA) and Professor Bob Daigle (Cayman Islands BWI) 2nd April  1992. 

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt, under Master Eddie Downey (Ireland), Professor John Burgess (Ireland) and Professor Richard Burgess (Ireland) 28th March 2010

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt, under Master Bob White (California USA), Master Eddie Downey (Ireland), Professor John Burgess (Ireland) and Professor Richard Burgess (Ireland) 18th November 2012

  • Currently studying and training towards his 4th Degree Black Belt.

Mr. Mícheál Watters

Mr. Mícheál Watters Jnr.