About Us

Cavan Kenpo Karate Academy was established in November of 2005 in the Club rooms of The Maghera Mac Finns GAA Club.  In 2009 we secured a permanent location in The Virginia Shopping Centre. Two years later we expanded again into the splendid studio it is today. We have been diligently serving the community since 2005 and look forward to serving you into the future. 


Our group classes are a great way to develop your Kenpo skills in a fun friendly enviornment. You will develop good discipline, make new friends and get fitter.

  • Our children's syllabus is divided into eight segments. These short attainable goals help keep the student movtivated and focused. After each segment is preformed to a suitable standard the student is awarded a coloured tip on their belt. Children strive on ROUTINE, REPETITION & REWARD.

  • Teenagers and Adults train together. Teenagers motivate the adults with their speed, agility and endurance while the adults motivate the teenagers through power and strength. We use a variety of programs to help us achieve optimal fitness.

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all!

Speed, agility and quickness are huge assets to the martial artist. At Cavan Kenpo Karate Academy you will develop your fitness, co-ordination, flexibility and dexterity along with many other physical and mental skills. Goal setting helps you achieve a higher level and our coloured belt system offers recognition and reward for effort.

There are daily classes for children, pre-teens, teenagers and adults.

We encourage participation in Sport Karate, here thr student competes against other martial artists from other clubs, both Nationally and Internationally. 


If you prefer a more private setting perhaps a one to one class is more suitable.


These type of classes have been proven to be more productive in the development of the Martial Artist.


Classes are usually half an hour in duration and can be tailored to meet the individuals specific needs, both physically and mentally. 


Children must be accompanied by an adult or be in a group of other children. A group of four minors for an hour, has proven to be a successful formula.


Private classes do compliment group classes, especially if you desire focused concentration on some aspect of your art.


Private classes must be booked in advance.