We have a variety of CLASSES to suit your needs.


Group classes are a great way to socialise and make new friends. Classes are high energy and divided into two segments. In the first half of the class fitness, flexibility, strength and coordination are focused upon. Locomotion, agility, endurance and recovery rate are all key elements worked and developed; thus enhancing the students overall well being, posture, physique, self esteem and self image.  

In the latter part of the class students develop their martial arts skills; BASICS, FORMS, SELF DEFENCE and FIGHTING.  


  • BASICS are the fundamentals of our art, the foundation on which all else is built. The How and The Why. Natural Weapons (formation and execution), Blocks, Stances, Manoeuvers, Kicks, Punches etc. Students work in groups, together with partners and individually. 


  • FORMS are expressions of basic skills. They are movement patterns against imaginary opponents. The student will develop Dexterity, Agility, Manoeuvrability and Weaponry. The beginner Forms are "TRAINING FORMS". The more advanced forms are "TACTICAL FORMS". 


  • SELF DEFENCE TECHNIQUES are expansions of our FORMS and extensions of our BASICS. Techniques are practiced with partners and in various scenarios. Students will learn about the systems of the human body, scientific principles to enhance their ability, power principles to enhance their affect upon a target.


  • FIGHTING/SPARRING (KICKBOXING) is the convergence of BASICS, FORMS and TECHNIQUES. The student will study tactics, strategies, offensive and defensive skills and much more. At Cavan Kenpo Karate Academy we encourage participation in Sport Karate and competition. Students learn how to score points and how not to be scored upon, while demonstrating good sportsmanship, honesty and fair play at all times.


This program caters for our very young group, three to five year olds. In this class we focus on locomotion and coordination skills. Our young students learn the fundamentals of exercise through enjoyable, yet challenging games. We understand the importance of keeping this group motivated and learning at a steady pace. Classes are 30 minutes in duration. Our Little Turtles work on improving their fitness, basic strength and stamina together with coordination, flexibility and mobility. We develop hand to eye coordination, locomotion skills, muscular flexibility and strength, joint mobility and dexterity. We encourage fair play and total involvement. Students work together and individually in a fun centred and progressive setting.


This program has been designed especially for kids up to eight years of age. The belt ranking system is designed to be attainable and enjoyable, while keeping the students motivated and learning at a steady pace. Classes are 45 minutes in duration. We work on developing the student's fitness, strength and stamina. Key aspects of our art are honour, respect and discipline but also coordination, flexibility and mobility. Good sportsmanship and fair play are encouraged at all times. Hand to eye coordination, skill development and ambidexterity are taught and encouraged through innovative games and drills to help keep the student motivated. Everyone participates. Students work together in groups to develop their social skills  and individually to develop their self esteem and self confidence.


Children from nine years of age to twelve year olds are our Dragon group. The belt ranking system is slightly more challenging, but again designed to be attainable, enjoyable and motivational. Your child will be learning at a steady pace with regular reward for effort. Classes are 45 minutes in duration divided between fitness, coordination, locomotion, agility and flexibility, while incorporating and encouraging Discipline, Respect and Honour, good sportsmanship and fair play. In addition to all these attributes of the Martial Arts we encourage our Dragons to join our Leadership Program. Here your student will learn to "give back" to their mentor and motivate the younger students. They will assist with the development of the younger groups and learn the many skills of a Leader!


Teenagers and Adults train together. The belt ranking system is again slightly more challenging, but designed to be attainable, enjoyable and motivational. Classes are 45 minutes in duration. We encourage Discipline, Respect and Honour, good sportsmanship and fair play. We use a variety of programs to help us achieve optimal fitness. "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." Your rewards are directly proportionate to your efforts. Speed, agility and quickness are huge assets to the martial artist. At Cavan Kenpo Karate Academy you will develop your fitness, coordination, flexibility and dexterity along with many other physical and mental skills. Goal setting helps you achieve a higher level and a coloured belt system offers recognition and reward for effort. Students work individually, in groups and with partners.




Sparring is one to one combat. Combatants wear protective gear and score points on their opponent. Matches are two minutes in duration or first to ten points. Points are awarded by making contact with the body with a foot or a fist, in a controlled manner. Two points are awarded for a controlled kick to the head. Controlled focus to the head with a hand awards a single point. Controlled focus is where the target is accurately focused upon, without actual physical contact. In this class students are thought proper technique for Sport Karate, the rules governing the sport, how to score points and how to defend against being scored upon. You will train to develop speed and quickness, increase stamina and endurance and improve recovery rate. Kickboxing is an exhilarating aspect of our Art which affords the student the opportunity to compete in various tournaments around the country and abroad.